Transmitter Solutions | 868 MHz Access 1000 Receiver
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868 MHz Access 1000 Receiver

Part No: RECACCESS1000


  • 868MHz access control, 2 relays, 1000 or 2000 codes
  • Outlets: 2 impulse/bi-stable relays per control panel parameter menu
  • Possibility of using any channel as an anti-panic alarm (activating any relay as an alarm activation)
  • Removable 1000 or 2000-code memory
  • Individual or code group registrations and removals by keypad and front LCD or ASSISTANT programmer
  • Password-protected access
  • Maximum 5 proximity readers connected directly to the equipment (BUS-LIN)
  • BUS-LIN cable length: cable cross-sections 0.22/0.35/0.5 mm2 up to 100/150/200 m, respectively
  • Category 5 cable
  • Up to 20 proximity readers in the same network using an external power supply (BUS-LIN)
  • Includes clock and calendar to save the date and time if the event card is inserted
  • Anti-passback/Anti-timeback
  • Kill-pass, validity date and discount functions through the proximity readers
  • Front cover with hinges to prevent it from falling in the event of opening
  • Power supply: dual 230Vac o 12Vac/dc
  • Standby/Op. consumption 27mA / 57mA a 230Vac – 150mA / 550mA to 12Vac/dc
  • Size: 220 x 220 x 75 mm.