Cloud is Taking Access Control by Storm

Cloud is Taking Access Control by Storm

Cloud is becoming the new standard in the access control industry. As cloud technology becomes more affordable, apartment complexes are looking to implement it to give their residents greater flexibility in how they access the complex and offers managers better control over who has access.

Most industries are moving towards cloud-based solutions because it allows access and management from any device with deeper analytics on when, how, and where access was granted. This is not only giving residents more choices but also giving greater insights to apartment complex managers.

The EIS GSM Solution is a powerful access control solution that utilizes a cloud-based portal to manage tenants and on-board new residents. This makes the lives of managers much easier because, through a single-dashboard, they can add, remove, or change tenant status and grant or restrict access. Tenants love cloud access options because, like most everyone, they’re going to forget their FOB or access card from time to time. This solution lets them access the gate or door through an application easily so when that does happen, they aren’t left out in the rain.


EISWare portal

Not only is that convenient for the resident but it prevents unnecessary calls to maintenance or managers to open then door, freeing up your staff to be proactive on other issues.

The cloud-based application also lets the apartment complex issue temporary credentials. Say you have a FedEx truck that comes everyday but you don’t want him to have access past 8:00pm because who likes a big truck running through that late. The apartment complex manager is able to give him a tag that only works between daytime hours but after a certain time, access is denied. This ability can be extended to guests, moving trucks, and whoever else needs special access.

One of the greatest things about this system is that there is zero cost to use the web-portal or mobile application! Most GSM solutions require some monthly fee to use the system because cloud access costs money. When this solution is purchased through Transmitter Solutions, the only monthly cost that you will have is for the SIM card. We can supply a SIM card for you for a low cost or you are able to get one yourself.

EIS offers a wide range of devices that all run on the same cloud-based software so whether you’re operating a simple gate with the EIS-Lock or a major complex with the EIS LCD, there’s a solution for every occasion.