3 Major Benefits of a Smart Lock System

3 Major Benefits of a Smart Lock System

Locks are the first line of defense when it comes to business continuity and securing spaces in an office, home, or any other location that you want to keep secure. However, locks are typically the last thing to get an upgrade. Technology has finally caught up and smart locks are more affordable than ever.

Smart locks offer a new way of securing rooms, granting access, and controlling your entire building. We all have lost or misplaced a key in our lifetime. It’s an annoying thing to happen and even more annoying for those in charge of access control. Losing a key, if you live in an apartment complex or somewhere multiple people have a key to a location, poses a serious security risk because even one lost key can leave the area exposed. The lost key may be in the trash OR someone has it, there’s no way of knowing. With smart locks, having to rekey the lock and issue new keys is no longer needed.


Smart locks are smarter than your traditional locks and provide three main benefits that can reduce headaches and make access easier. The first is getting rid of the need to rekey all locks in a building if one key is lost. This is a massive improvement because property managers don’t have to pay for each lock to be rekeyed and they don’t have to coordinate with the tenants to get them new keys. Smart locks give managers the ability to issue a new key to that specific resident, void their lost or stolen key and get them a new one in minutes. Through the smart lock software, the property manager has full control over active keys.


Advanced key functionality is the second benefit of deploying smart locks. This is what we call ‘thoughtful access”. Thoughtful access means an intuitive system that grants access to a specific key related to that person’s job. Access can be different depending on the personnel. If you have a cleaning crew that comes in after hours and clean, you can grant them specific permissions for rooms. With a smart lock system, the cleaning staff can be granted access through the main door and into the supply closet. Having a segmented workplace with smart locks isn’t difficult with the functionality of granting different access to different people.


Not only is this functionality handy in managing workplace flow, it also helps eliminate any physical security issues. Having a secure physical environment is the first line of defense in physical AND digital security. Copying keys and gaining access without any insight into who is entering is no longer an issue with smart locks event logs. Smart locks keep a complete log of which key was used, where, and when it was used. This helps reduce possible forgery and creates accountability. Having event logs also helps you identify problems faster and address those problems with a specific person. If a certain location is being accessed at odd hours or something seems phishy, those issues can be addressed promptly and with the person whose key is being used.

Smart locks are now a more affordable way of having granular control of your complex or workplace. It relieves a lot of stresses that come with classic lock and keys.

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