SynQ Prox FAQs



Have you tried this on a vehicle gate? How is the range inside a vehicle?

We have tested this inside a car and the range was good. It is not going to get the same range as a handheld remote but it always depends on the obstructions. If it is mounted inside a metal box, the range will be affected as anything would but Bluetooth has come a long way and we can say that we have never missed a read with the SynQ Prox.


Can I put a credential on multiple devices? (i.e. phone, tablet, etc)

No, the credentials are tied to that devices specific identifier. You can easily move credentials if a user loses their device but a credential CAN NOT be active on 2 devices at the same time. This is to keep the location secure from 2 people using the same credential.


How do we sign up as a SynQ dealer on the web server?

For right now, please send an email to qkofford@transmittersolutions.com and we will send you an invite into your inbox. You will get a link that will ask you to accept the invite and you will be good to go.


If I purchase a block of cards, can I use them at different sites?

Yes! When you purchase a block of say, 100 credentials, they are allotted to your account and you can use them wherever you have dealer access.


How often is SynQ verifying credentials are active?

Every time the app is opened and the mobile device has internet connectivity. If the mobile device does not have internet connectivity, the credential will be valid until it reaches Max Offline Hours as set by the administrator. (Note: Max Offline Hours includes the time that the app remains unopened by the user). Mobile credentials that have reached Max Offline Hours will not function until the mobile device establishes internet connectivity and verifies that the credential is valid.

Does Transmitter Solutions offer a hands-free, ADA access solution?

Yes! Transmitter Solutions offers one of the most accurate and easy-to-install hands-free solution called the Hive DLR. This receiver detects active tags at programmable read-range and read-time. Learn more by visiting our blog!

What wiegand devices work with the PAL Wireless Wiegand Controller?

Every single one! The PAL Wireless Controller is made to work with any wiegand device.

What is the range of the Reign EXTREME RANGE Relay Extender?

The Reign EXTREME RANGE Relay Extender was designed by our engineers to help extend relays up to 40 miles line-of-sight or up to a mile through EXTREME OBSTRUCTIONS. This relay extender reduces the need to trench miles of wires and the hassle of getting to remote areas. The TX-100 transmitter works with this relay up to 1/2 mile and through extreme obstruction providing superior flexibility.

What is custom branding and printing?

Transmitter Solutions has state-of-the-art printing machines where we can put any logo or information on cards, fobs, readers, and more. We use UV printing, laser jet inking, and laser etching to make sure your logo stays crisp for years to come. This process is simple and can be done in a single day. Custom branding fobs and cards lets you market your company without ever being there. This has been used to keep your business top-of-mind when they go to order more products.

What is cloud-based access control?

Cloud-based access control is new to the market and allows management of access control systems from a single dashboard online. Cloud-based means that the management dashboard can be accessed from any online device and provide full information on the current operation of a device. Cloud-based control offers the ability to see if gates are opened or closed, how many times it was activated, and more in-depth insights into the operation of the device.

What’s the benefit of installing smart locks?

Smart locks give managers and residents more flexibility and easier control over locks throughout the complex. Smart locks use RFID keys which allow keys to be reassigned, managed remotely, and when one eventually gets lost or stolen; deactivated. Smart locks and keys are programmed. This removes the need to re-key a complex because a resident has lost their physical key. Smart locks are able to hold event logs so that managers can manage access and know who and when they access an area. This solution offers greater flexibility than traditional keys at a a lower cost over time.