3 Reasons Installers Love PAL Wireless Controller

3 Reasons Installers Love PAL Wireless Controller


The price of labor is going up and working smarter, not harder is the way to go. One of the most time-consuming processes that installers face is trenching wires and making sure that everything is done correctly. The PAL remediates some of these costs by getting rid of the need to run network wires, creating a true plug and play Wiegand controller. Not having to run network wires provides the freedom to have access control in hard-to-reach places and lets the installer and customer decide what’s right – not just what’s convenient.




Compatibility is key. If devices aren’t compatible it can create a massive headache and cost money. A lot of access controllers require specific devices or have specifications that can make it difficult to find the right product in time. The PAL eliminates the need to worry about compatibility because of its plug and play compatibility. This means that ANY Wiegand device will work with the controller and eliminates the need to search for a specific product and lets installers use the best product. Not having to worry about compatibility opens up the doors to providing the tailor-fit solution that the customer needs.


The PAL’s cloud-based management software gives you all the heavy-hitting data points that you need in an access controller while still being flexible. This controller is a complete system with full event logs and can tell you when, where, and who accesses an area. The PAL lineup of products is managed through a single dashboard that is accessed through a web-browser on the internet. The controller isn’t tied to any specific device so if you are out in the field or a device goes down, you can see the status anywhere from a phone, tablet, or a desktop.