3 Ways Custom Branding & Printing Helps Your Business

3 Ways Custom Branding & Printing Helps Your Business

Promote your brand

Finding unique ways to promote your brand can be difficult in today’s environment. There seems to be an installer around every corner so making sure you stand out is paramount. Custom branding and printing can help make sure that your devices are promoting your business while you’re not around.



Drive more business

Every business owner is worried about being forgotten and in an industry that is plagued with bad installers, you don’t want to get lost in the weeds. Branding your fobs, key cards, and other access control devices lets you stay top-of-mind to the customer and stand out as a leader as a professional installer.

This service is something that is rarely offered by manufacturers but is a specialty here at Transmitter Solutions. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to perform laser etching, UV Printing, and ink jetting and provide full mockups before anything is printed so you know that it is going to look gorgeous.

Provide more value to your customer

This isn’t just for you to promote your own business. This is an amazing value-add that you can offer your clients. Giving your clients the ability to print their logo or whatever they want on the devices positions you as a “can-do-everything” installer – increasing repeat business and customer satisfaction.