Adding Mobile Credentials to Any System

Adding Mobile Credentials to Any System

Mobile credentials are the future of access control and managers are expecting them more and more. With so many systems installed, it can be difficult to retro-fit existing systems to support mobile credentials. No longeris that the case! The SynQ Prox is a device that gives any existing (or new) system mobile credentials and access to the mobile application.

This powerful little board has been developed by the SynQ team to retro-fit or augment existing keypads, UHF readers, and other devices to use mobile credentials. How does it work? The SynQ Prox board wires up to existing systems through a Wiegand interface (stand-alone coming soon) and connects through your existing access control system to verify credentials. Users then have access to the SynQ Prox mobile application. Users can then access doors that have a SynQ Prox installed and that they are authorized to access.



Why is this beneficial for installers?

Installers have had the historical problem of once a system goes in, it is difficult to add features like mobile credentials because these features are usually baked into the product when manufactured. Now, installers can continue using their favorite devices without having to use one with mobile credentials already available. This provides installers the reliability of the devices they regularly use with the option of next-generation technology.

Dealer-First Device

The SynQ Prox team developed this product with the installer top-of-mind. This board comes with built-in securities for the installer so other dealers can’t come onto a site and issue credentials and change settings. With your specific dealer code, you can lock down your sites so other dealers can’t undercut your business. Our goal is always to make sure our dealers’ businesses are secure.

Easier Credential Distribution

Distributing credentials can be cumbersome with having to distribute physical credentials but with mobile credentialing, that’s no longer an issue. Dealers can easily issue blocks of new credentials by allocating them virtually. Dealers can revoke and issue credentials at the click of a button. Don’t leave your shop anymore to hand out credentials!