DLR: New Hands-Free Access Solution

DLR: New Hands-Free Access Solution

Building an accessible, yet secure area can be difficult. There are hundreds of different solutions out there that can assist in making entryways ADA accessible, more convenient, and more secure. In this article we will be talking about a new solution developed by us here at Transmitter Solutions. Our goal is to make every install easy whether it be an ADA push-plate to a full access control system and we have heard from our customers that it has been difficult to add a controllable read-range automatic opener to an existing system.

We have developed the Hive DLR receiver which addresses that exact problem! The Hive DLR is an active tag reader that uses programmable read-range and read-time technology to let you customize the read range to fit any application.

Using radial dials, the read range on the Hive DLR can easily be adjusted to go from 10 feet to 60 feet. This gives installers the ability to dial in the read range so that the end-user doesn’t even notice that there is a door, it just opens. The active tag is a small transmitter with no button that is carried on the person that wants to activate the door. These transmitters were made to be extremely durable and withstand a beating, removing the worry that they won’t work. Having a reliable transmitter with a customizable read-range receiver lets any ADA accessible area be as convenient to enter as possible.

One concern with automatic opening doors that use an active tag can be the timing. Particularly the time it takes for the receiver to read the tag and activate the door. When people are using an active tag system, they expect it to be convenient and open by the time they reach the door. Other systems can cause some frustration because setting the read-time can be cumbersome and sometimes it doesn’t work exactly as it should. The Hive DLR receiver has a dial nob right next to read-range where you can set the read-time up to 1 minute so there’s no fuss. This device was designed with the installer in mind. We have developed the board with easy-to-read LED lights and even easier setting switches.

Setting an appropriate read time can prevent the door from triggering multiple times as someone approaches the door with one tag. It also helps prevent non-fires where the resident has to restart their approach to the door. This is an extremely helpful option that lets the Hive DLR be installed on any ADA-required entrance.

Have questions about the Hive DLR? Give us a call and one of our expert staff can discuss specific applications for this device and more.