iGAZE® Pulse Reflective Photo Eye

Part No: iGAZER50-2WC


  • For Door Controls Requiring a Pulse Input
  • Insensitive Against Ambient Light
  • 50 Foot range
  • IP67 Rated
  • Operating Voltage 6,8VDC with 150Ω
  • Condition Indicator
  • LED Alignment Indicator



  • Type of Connection 2-wire interface
  • Operating Voltage 6,8…28V with 150Ω
  • Current Consumption typ. 20mA at 24V
  • Operational ≤100ms after UB on
  • Series Resistor 150Ω
  • Type of light red, 680nm, pulsed, polarized
  • Aperature Angle approx. 1.5º round angle
  • Low-Level <1V
  • High-Level >6,8V supply with 150Ω
  • Periodic Time typ. 4,16ms, equates 240Hz
  • Cable Length max 20m
  • Response time <12ms
  • Operating temp. -25…60°C
  • Weight Approx. 60g
  • Size 84 x 44 x 39mm³