Nexus MW Reader



  • LED indicator: Red for locked door and green for open door.
  • Buzzer: Short beep if access is granted and a longer error beep if otherwise.
  • Reading distance – ISO card: Typical 40 mm
  • Reading distance – tag: Typical 20 mm
  • IP protection: IP65

Optional Vandal Shield Available



  • Supply voltage: Min 9V DC – Max 24V DC
  • Typical supply current: From 72mA at 14V DC, 1W
  • Peak current: 150mA at 14V DV, 2.1W
  • Communications: RS485 port, using MODBUS protocol with encrypted data.
  • Transmit frequency: 13.56 MHz Mifare-NFC card reader
  • Operating temperature: −20°C to +70°C
  • Storage temperature: −45°C to +85°C
  • Cable length: 3 m
  • Max. cable distance from central: 50 m, see cable specifications for details
  • Size: W: 56mm × H: 56mm × D: 12mm
  • Weight: 165g