V2 Long-Range Reader: Re-Designed

V2 Long-Range Reader: Re-Designed

Re-Designed UHF Long-Range Reader


We have re-designed an often over-looked product; the long-range UHF reader. Our version 1 UHF reader works great but we wanted to offer our installers more robust features for the same price.

Our V2 Long-Range reader are for those jobs where your customers demand the best quality while still being cost-conscience. The internals operate just like the V1 reader because why fix something that isn’t broken?

The first thing we looked at was the coverage and effectiveness of our reader in a diverse set of situations. The biggest feature we added was the ability to add a secondary antenna for the fraction of the cost. Most UHF reader solutions require the purchase of multiple antennas at full price to get coverage. That is a thing of the past.

For a marginal cost of the original reader, the installer has the option to get a secondary (or slave) antenna that connects directly to the primary antenna. The secondary antenna runs all the data through the primary and into one single system to manage. This is a great feature for those installs that need to have a reader accept tags as they enter and exit. It also can help with complete coverage on complicated installs.

The second improvement that the V2 offers is a sleeker and more compact footprint. This is a small detail but something that we have heard installers voice concern. A large, bulky reader can limit installations and can stick out like a sore thumb making jobs look unfinished. The re-designed housing is completely water sealed with heavy-duty metal connectors to make sure it will operate in any condition.

The smaller footprint allows us to do something we previously couldn’t; custom print! The smaller footprint allows us to run these readers through our state-of-the-art UV printer. Installers can now offer custom printed logos or whatever they want on these readers. That adds just a little more ammunition to the installers quiver when going for bids.

All-in-all, this reader operates just like the V1 reader but with more robust features and heavier duty connectors to make sure it…just…works.