Pick the Right Card Reader: Which is best for you?

Pick the Right Card Reader: Which is best for you?

Card readers are the front-line defense to solid access control solution. They are everywhere nowadays with the increased focus on security and with good reason. People expect security to be efficient and not “get in the way” with everything becoming more streamlined. The old days had physical keys where if you lost one then re-keying the entire office is a must because there’s no way of knowing if that key was lost or stolen. With card readers, things became much easier.

The question becomes; how do you know which card reader is best for an installation? That depends on a lot of factors. The first thing to assess when looking at card readers is what system is in place right now. Is there already a controller in place? Will there be a need to issue temporary access for designated workers? If so, then you have a lot of options to pick from.

Most card readers are able to be easily integrated with current systems through a wiegand input. All of Transmitter Solution’s card readers are compatible with current access control systems giving you the flexibility to choose whether you want a simple reader or a keypad combo. Card reader combos, mixed with existing access controller, offer the best flexibility for the end-user because codes or cards can be issued for temporary and permanent residents. Combo keypad/card readers are a great option if a complex is wanting to issue temporary codes for service or maintenance workers without having to distribute, collect, and maintain access cards. With a combo reader and existing controller, managers are able to issue a code to the mailman that only works between designated times letting the manager not worry about un-welcomed guests and the mailman can do his job seamlessly.

With a combo card reader, installers can offer identifiable and sequential access cards that provide full visibility into who, when, and where an area was accessed. If there is a current system then looking at wiegand card readers is the first place to go. These card readers work in conjunction with your installed access controller so why spend more on one when there are cheaper options out there with longer warranties? Transmitter Solutions prides itself on having affordable readers with longer warranties and stronger warranties.

PAL Device works great for a standalone system.

What if I don’t have an existing system and I want to install a card reader for my home, small office, or temporary site?

Here is where options become a little limited but are great options nonetheless. The first place to look is at a standalone card reader option. A standalone card reader offers flexibility of site control without having to install a full controller and designate someone to manage it. These systems can plug into something like the PAL Wireless Wiegand Controller where management becomes seamless through the cloud. The PAL is a robust option for those wanting to have access control without all the wires. The combination of a standalone card reader with the PAL system gives the ability to use cloud management through a single-dashboard. These devices are not extremely technical and the average user with little technical experience can manage it completely.

Both the combo card readers and standalone options are great solutions, it just depends what is best for each application.